Qualitative Methods

Advertising research

With vast amounts spent on advertising, an objective study that measures its effectiveness and overall contribution to the brand is necessary for marketers.

Advertising research helps marketers predict the relative strength of various advertising strategies as well as forecast and measure the impact of an advertising campaign. It is a preliminary strategy that provides various indicators regarding the most efficient way to approach the advertising process. Such a study may alsobe directed at a more general understanding of how advertising works and how consumers use the information in advertising.

Similar to product evaluation studies, advertising research is also conducted in two phases – pre-launch and post launch:
• Pre-launch advertising research is conducted to optimize advertisements for different mediums with different methods applied to gather the necessary data
• Post-launch advertising research is conducted after the ad release with focus on what advertising has done for the brand, for example increasing brand awareness, trial or frequency of purchasing

Methods used for advertisement evaluation
• Focus group discussions

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