Why RE?


At RE, we provide custom designed research with flexible engagement models - When the project at hand seems unique or when you don’t want to be restrained by the design and provisions of a pre-packaged research and advisory service, think of us. We will stitch together a customized solution to bring you a 'made-to-order' research project.


We pride ourselves as being a full service research agency that differentiates between ‘marketing research’ and market research. We are not in the business of simply amassinginformation, we believe in transforming it into business decisions that are sensible, logical and pragmatic. Our experts combine client requirements with market understandingto develop research projects that give you a choice of decisions and not just a collection of data.


RE has associate and branch offices across the length and breadth of India. This enables us to conduct our research across the urban and rural landscape – from interviewing corporates and students of the urban metropolitan cities to the farmers and artisans of the rural hinterland.


With an average experience of more than 10 years, our team of more than 100 specialists can put the bits and pieces of India together to find the answer to why ‘We are like that only’. The team isfuelled by a single passion –understand the Indian psyche to help organizations develop products and services that better satisfy the needs and wants of the young Indian consumer.


At RE, we are committed to exceeding client expectations by blending time, effort and accuracy for projects that enable you to take timely and well informed decisions with least probability to go wrong. We understand that our business goes beyond just surveys and research; our business is to help our clients be successful!

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We work with clients across FMCG, Media, luxury brands, entertainment and retail among others

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