Qualitative Methods


An exploratory study is undertaken when hardly anything is known about the situation at the outset of the project. In such cases, the work needs to begin with a vague impression of what needs to be studied, and extensive preliminary work needs to be done to develop a model and set up a rigorous design for comprehensive investigation. The results of an exploratory study provide a platform upon which a formalised research project can be built.

Used in the early stages of the decision-making process, exploratory research is used to assess the situation in hand with the minimum cost and time possible. Versatility and a wide-ranged approach to the preliminary investigation are the main benefits of this genre of research.

Extensive interviews with many people might have to be undertaken to get a handle on the situation and understand the phenomena.

Types of methodologies in exploratory
• Focus group discussions
• In-depth interviews
• Non-participative observations

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