Qualitative Methods

Product evaluation

Any new product or service goes through several stages as it moves from initial ideation to market launch. These stages represent opportunities to perform research that can identify issues and suggest improvements early enough in the process to improve the chances of a successful launch.

Product evaluation research is done to evaluate the feasibility of ideas, concepts, advertisements and product samples. Such research can help companies preparing to launch a new product, or are simply looking to refine and improve an established offering. A product evaluation survey tests the consumer reaction to the product, and yield actionable results that help achieve sales objectives. Usually such research studies are conducted in two phases:

As the name suggests, research at this stage helps marketers gauge the positives and negatives of the product before the launch. Positives give them a heads up on what grounds they need to sell their product and negatives can be rectified before launch

At this phase, research is done to test the likeability of a product post launch. This helps marketers gain an understanding on how consumers feel about the product and how other users are reacting to the launch.

Product placement
New products developed need to be tried and tested by the consumers. Therefore, consumers are given time with the product where they are expected to use and their responses noted.

Methodology used
• Focus group discussion
• Depth interview
• Diary placement
• Reconvened groups

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