Qualitative Methods

Satisfaction and loyalty research

Customer satisfaction research is one of the most important research studies any company can undertake. Satisfied customers, or more accurately, loyal and "committed" customers, are a company's most important asset. Using focus groups, surveys and product testing, one can get at the root of not just customer satisfaction, but customer loyalty and commitment. Merely satisfying customers is not enough to keep them; companies must nurture loyal and committed customers in order to keep them, to encourage them to buy more of your products, and to generate the positive word-of-mouth that will in turn bring in new customers.

By developing loyal and committed customers, a company can increase sales and market share, and reduce the churn cycle that eats away at sales and marketing budgets and lowers marketing ROI.

Methods used
• Focus group discussion
• Depth interviews
• Diads, Triads
• Product test – product and diary placement

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